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The global energy crisis is a constant worry at the back of most people’s minds nowadays and the race to produce a solution is on.  We are making baby steps in one of our greatest fuel consumers: cars, but have miles to go before this problem can officially be declared solved.  Hybrid and electric cars are only going to get us so far in reducing our CO2 emissions.  Though there are several ideas and prototypes being developed for our future set of wheels, this article describes a solution which features a thorium laser to heat water and power a mini turbine as a possible alternative to the combustion engine.
As a pretty serious commuter and a suburbia resident I am waiting with bated breathe for the day I don’t have to have such an outrageous transportation budget (also saving me from one of my least favourite activities: pumping gas).  This seems like a promising solution but I’m anxious for this and any other options to just get here already.  Big oil companies are clearly performing their swan song, charging ridiculous mark ups on gas, so really any new solution is welcome in my opinion.
Heather Waters
Heather Waters
Heather has worked for X-Design since 2010. Initially her focus was on the project side tackling it all from residential to corporate to retail. Now she works on the business development side focusing on feasibilities, proposals and other marketing material for internal and external use.